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Don't waste heat - cover those duct vents
and increase your comfort

Closing your cooler vents in the ceiling or walls is not going to stop heat loss - just slow it down a little. Cover your vents so that you eliminate heat loss via draughting. You'll get a payback usually in one season as your home will be quicker to heat and stay warmer longer letting your heating system take a breather:

Some Facts
- Heating systems will have to cycle on and off more often to make up for the losses in the ductwork and rooftop evaporative cooler units
- Winter baffles in some evaporative cooler units don't stop heat loss - but they do slow it down a lot
- External cooling unit covers will prevent heat loss to the outside environment but you are still heating the extensive ductwork
- Heat is also lost through the ductwork itself into the roofspace 
- Vent blades are fragile, can easily break, are are very fiddly. For this reason many are never closed during the cooler months to slow down the heat loss into the ducts
- Payback on covers for your vents such as AC Draftshields is quick
Save more energy costs by replacing old ductwork with newer insulated ducts and don't forget to check your ceiling insulation is up to standard.

Which Size?


Selecting your Vent Cover

Make sure you select the correct AC-Draftshield for your vent. This involves measuring two sides of the vent. You should measure all vents in your home as often vents can be of different sizings although they may look similar.

Measurement A - Measure across the vent from where your vent meets the ceiling surface. Write this down.

Measurement B - Measure down the vent from where your vent meets the ceiling surface. Write this down.


Measure square and rectangular vents the same way.

Draught Solutions


Draught Source Solutions

1. AcDraftshield for Evap Cooler Vents
2. Ecoseal door/window seal
3. Chimney Sheep draught excluder
4. Underfloor insulation
5. Caulk (Silicon sealant)
6. Caulk (Silicon sealant)
7. Caulk (Silicon sealant) or Polyfilla or Vent Cover
8. New self sealing exhaust fan or a DraftStoppa
9. Remove downlights and fill holes OR
    cover with a Loft Mitt
10. Clear or Opaque Perspex 
11. Caulk (Silicon sealant)
12. AcDraftshield for Wall (Box) Aircon
13. Caulk (Silicon sealant) or expandable foam

Industry Use

Ac Draftshields have been applied across many industries to seal off vents and associated duct work. Whether it is for winterization, energy audits, duct cleaning, containment of asbestos, smoke, or debris from renovation, our covers are the instant reusable HVAC seal for you.

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Green Fact

A typical family spends about a third of its annual heating and cooling budget on air that leaks into or out of the house through unintended gaps and cracks.

- Source: 8 easy ways to seal air leaks around the house

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