Stop winter chills - block draughts

Feeling icy draughts even with the heater on and no idea where they are coming from?

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Air Conditioner Vent Covers

How much heat are you losing through your evaporative cooler vents? Why spend money heating ductwork and the air outside your home.
SAVE ENERGY and SAVE MONEY with AC Draftshield

Ac Draftshields have been applied across many industries to seal off vents and associated duct work. Whether it is for winterization, energy audits, duct cleaning, containment of asbestos, smoke, or debris from renovation, our covers are the instant reusable HVAC seal for you.

We have already adapted the original AC DraftShield design, and our line of products are now being used across a wide spectrum of industries, as they realize the time-saving and cost-cutting impact that AC DraftShields can have on their operations and their bottom line:

Energy Conservation and Savings
Energy Audit
Duct Cleaning
Floor Sanding

AC DraftShield and positive attachment system has been adapted to seal off duct work and vents during duct pressurization and leak testing. Our EA-Series DraftShields eliminates the need for Technicians to rely solely on adhesives or grill mask tape. All of our covers are reusable, certification after certification and are not discarded as grill mask generally is after each use. The shields have been tested for sealing HVAC system vents and duct work for air leak testing and certification at the required positive pressure of 25 Pa (Pascal) and to hold a seal to 350 CFM.

AC DraftShields have also been adapted for use when there is a need to create a negative pressure and prevent debris from exiting the HVAC system during duct cleaning and to seal off duct work to prevent contaminants from entering the duct system during renovation and construction.

For those requiring shields for industry use, please contact us.

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