Through every Nook and every Cranny,
The Wind blew in on poor old Granny.
Around her Knees, into each Ear
(And up her Nose as well, I Fear)

Spike Milligan


It's amazing how just about every house in Victoria (and most other states for that matter) is draughty and householders are not doing anything about it. People feel draughts - they know they are there. They might go as far as getting a door snake which is good, and might attach some door seal they have obtained from their local hardware store. But most of that doesn't last for long, is put on incorrectly, or is the wrong seal.


What can you do about draughts?

  • 1.  Have an Air leakage audit of your home or small business which will identify any unnecessary air leakage in your home. A variety of reports are available to suit your budget but even the most comprehensive reports will have a short payback once recommendations have been implemented.
  • 2.  Implement the recommendations in the report as a DIY installation OR schedule your solutions to be professionally installed by us.Etiam facilisis augue sed nisi adipiscing convallis. 


Air Leakage Audits

  • Level 1 Audit:  Our basic service involves a walk around where we will identify the major sources of air leakage in your home. Your 3 to 4 page report will let you know what these identified draught sources are and what products can be used to rectify them.
  • Level 2 Audit:  Our standard service involves a walk around where we will identify any unnecessary air leakage in your home and provide you with more detailed report listing recommendated solutions and their associated costs.
  • Level 3 Audit:  Our standard service plus blower door test which will find the majority of leaks in your home. 2 reports are included - our standard report as per Level 2 audit plus Blower Door test report.
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