Draught Sources

The following diagram shows the many sources of draughts commonly found in Australian homes. Increase your comfort and save money on your energy bills by sealing as many as you can. Payback on investment is quick - quicker if you can put a price on comfort. 


Draught Source Solutions

1. AcDraftshield for Evap Cooler Vents
2. Ecoseal door/window seal
3. Chimney Sheep draught excluder
4. Underfloor insulation
5. Caulk (Silicon sealant)
6. Caulk (Silicon sealant)
7. Caulk (Silicon sealant) or Polyfilla or Vent Cover
8. New self sealing exhaust fan or a DraftStoppa
9. Remove downlights and fill holes OR
    cover with a Loft Mitt
10. Clear or Opaque Perspex 
11. Caulk (Silicon sealant)
12. AcDraftshield for Wall (Box) Aircon
13. Caulk (Silicon sealant) or expandable foam



Many of the above solutions are low cost. Even if you had all of the draughts sources above in your home, fixing them will have fast payback compared to most other energy saving tasks and your comfort increase will be instant. 

ClipboardConsider having a draught sealing audit for your home. There are a number of audits with varying levels of detail to suit your budget but regardless, you are going to get quick paybacks.

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Not all sources of home draughts we know about are shown in the diagram. Have you found other sources of draughting in the home that are not listed above. We'd love to know.

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