How it Works

 AC Draftshields are easy to fit. They only take seconds.

The key is to find a fixed part of the vent closest to the centre of the cover for the hook to be placed. In most cases you only require a single hook, but other vents work better with two hooks.


  • HookLanyardToVentStep 1
    Hook included lanyard to AC grille, making sure to keep the connection as close to the center as possible.

  • SecureCordLockStep 2

    Tighten the cord using the included cord lock, until the vent cover is tightly sealed around the air conditioner vent.

  • FeedCordThroughHoleStep 3

    Feed lanyard into the hole in the center to hide the excess slack

  • Step 4

    Affix the supplied warning label on or near your air conditioner control unit. 


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Client Feedback

I am a very picky person who pays attention to detail. These covers are easy to install and look almost invisible. They cover the vents perfectly and prevent air from coming in. So glad I found them. 

Posted by LL



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